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RCS Performance Engineering


The latest projects and what's happening at RCS Performance Engineering for the performance enthusiast. Top Sportsman chassis fabricating, Hemi power 528", production orginal 1969 SS Camaro, Performance EFI Tuning, Performance engines and installations, Oval Pro Touring custom exhaust systems, HotRod magazine update on RCS Racing Engines, 2014 RCS Engine Masters Challenge and more...

Jeremy Rozik Mud Truck

Jeremy Rozik Mud Truck

600Hp 383 Chevy

Jeremy's RCS 600Hp 383 S/B Chevy Crate Engine

69 SS Camaro

Mike Rooney's 69 SS 396 Camaro, 4 Speed, all matching numbers and build dates with certifications, this is as orgininal as it gets, beautiful car!

69 SS Camaro Engine Compartment

RCS Ron Stanislawczyk

RCS Working on Mike Rooney's 69SS B/B OEM Rebuild

396 B/B OEM

OEM 396 making 433 Hp and 416lbs of torque

69SS Camaro

69SS B/B Camaro in for restoration and performance work

73 Hemi Duster

Drivability and mechanical issues

528" Hemi

528" Hemi Power

RCS Top Sportman

RCS Drag racing Chassis

RCS Top Sportsman Project- 500" Liberty 5 Speed 6.80's

RCS 500Hp 385 S/B Chevy

385" S/B Chevy with 500Hp/500lbs of torque by 6,200 on 92+Octane in a 84 TransAM

84 TA 383

RCS 432 Hot Rod Magazine

RCS 2014 HotRod Magazine Article 432 Ford Cleveland 747Hp/657lbs of torque on pump gas.

2014 EMC RCS 400 Cleveland CHI Head

2014 Engine Masters Challenge RCS 400 Cleveland 730Hp and 612 lbs. torque on pump gas.

RCS EFI Superchargers

1000 Hp EFI Supercharged 93 Octane

RCS Custom Oval Exhaust

Oval Fabricated Exhaust

RCS EFI Tuning

Street Driving EFI Tuning