RCS Performance Engineering

Chassis Fabrication

At RCS Performance Engineering we can take your current restoration to the next level, with either a new installation of a front or rear frame section, or a complete implanted frame and roll cage all in one. Whether you desire a front strut suspension or A- arms with the latest C-5-6 Corvette suspension and accessories, these are great options for improving steering, handling, ride and drivability.

RCS Aluminum Interior Panels

Custom Under Hood Interior Panels

Cars that have a new front tubular frame section with suspension can have a new under the hood full panel interior covering just about everything and leaving the most impressive parts uncovered to show off. Theses clean neat trick looking panels can either be high gloss baked on painted finish aluminum, or ABS plastic for the modern dull black plastic look many cars have today.

RCS Rear Axle &  Suspension

Narrowed Rear Axle Assemblies and Suspensions

If you want big tires under that hotrod, you are going to need a shorter axle housing with all the internal upgraded accessories, wheel tubs to house those skins, along with a new rear frame section with all the suspension points, 4 link bars, diagonal bar and adjustable coil over shocks. In addition a fuel cell, battery box, wiring, fuel lines, driveshaft, brake lines, brakes, wheels and tires with a redo of the current exhaust system possibly. WOW! A lot of work and parts, but look at the VIEW!

RCS Chassis Fabrication

Custom Strut or Independent Suspension Frames with Accessory Framing

A custom engineered front frame with suspension is the toughest to design considering you have to know where everything has to be in relationship with each other. Bracketry, mounting points, strength and functionality is the main focus, but safety and durability is our number one priority. Serviceability is also a major consideration, these types of cars can have engines that require servicing, therefore you need accessibility to the engine and the surrounding parts so engineering the disassembly and assembly process is incorporated in to each chassis design.

RCS Chassis Fabrication

RCS Chassis Fabrication


RCS 4 Link SuspensionStreet/Strip Adjustable Rear 4 Link Installation

4 Link Suspension


RCS Tube Chassis Fabrication

Complete Tube Chassis Cars

For the serious racers a complete tubular chassis with suspension are available mostly designed for up to 200+ mph drag racing, but there are a few people that take street driving to another level, driving this kind of technology on the street. With the current Street Outlaw classes anything goes, with supercharged and turbo engines exceeding over 2,000Hp in a 6 sec blast, yet able to cruise the streets, WOW!

RCS Top Sportsman

Top Spotsman

Full Roll Cages

86 Camaro Roll Cage

Roll Bars

Below is a 69 Camaro having swing out diagonal forward bars and roll bar installed before the final carpet is installed. Installation can be either Mid Steel and or Chrome Moly and welded either by the Mig or Tig process. This type of roll bar with swing out diagonal bars is approved for racing by most sanctioning racing entities.

69 Camaro roll cage installation69 Camaro roll cage installation

69 Camaro roll cage installation69 Camaro roll cage installation