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Chassis & Engine Wiring

One of the most common issues amongst older classic cars is that the engine and dash wiring harness have been abused by to many people. We call it "wire jumping" this is where certain wires within the wiring harness have been added to or removed altogether from the harness. These added wires are usually the wrong gage wires compared to the original harness wires. To add to this problem the connections are usually not soldered and or terminated correctly. When this is done the voltage and resistance of a single wire can be compromised, losing valuable voltage and amps through the system. Over loading or applying too high of an amp draw on a wire or circuit can cause short circuits and or even cause a fire.

Modern updated push-in style fuse panels and wiring harness are available for most Classic cars. The newer harnesses are a great add-on when OEM electronic ignition and aftermarket type ignitions are incorporated into older classic cars.

A popular direction is incorporating an EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engine wiring harnesses into today's Classic restorations. The popularity of EFI in Classic Hotrods has become a preferred investment when creating a modern day Hotrod.

In short the electrical wiring systems of your car should be as up to date as possible with the highest quality installation possible, soldered connections with shrink tubing installed, while in the engine compartment and under the car weather tight connectors should be installed as needed. All harnesses should be wrapped and or covered with a covering for their protection. Individual wiring leads can be uncovered from a harness, allowing the lead to reach an accessory for ease of running and connection. When it comes to your wiring settle for nothing less than the best possible options! Wiring a car can be very time consuming and expensive and even more expensive if over looked, while electrical fires have burned more cars to the ground than gasoline fires.

RCS 69 Camaro under dash wiring

69 Camaro New Under Dash Wiring Harness

69 Camaro back of dash wiring

69 Camaro Back of Dash Wiring

Custom Gauge Dash

86 Camaro Custom Gauge Dash Panel

Gauge Wiring

RCS EFI under dash wiring

EFI and ECU Wiring

The installation of EFI into a car requires that the EFI wiring harness be run independent of the chassis with some engine harness other than a single power wire go to the ECM. Many ECU’s wiring harness have all the engine wiring required to operate the engine, and also have additional wiring circuits needed to support electric water pumps, cooling fans and fuel pumps etc., which all require relays to carry the high amp loads for those individual accessories. The only power supplies supported by the EUC for these controls are low amp 12 volt supply to power activates the relays used for these accessories. This car has 17 relays throughout the car. When running multiple wiring harnesses it is important to in many cases run two relays for each accessory. In this case one wiring system is for normal street driving and the other is design to operate at race track conditions. In normal street operation, the system functions just as a normal car would with each circuit automatically performing its job, while in race mode you can independently operate each circuit individually when you demand so.

Electrical Relays

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