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At RCS Performance Engineering we can take your current Classic Car project and transform it into a modern high tech restoration. We can custom tailor your car needs to any level of restoration addressing the issues that have pledged you from trusting, enjoying and many times from driving your classic to its full potential. Whether it's just under the hood, under the car, inside or an all over, RCS has transformed the Detroit Classic Muscle Car into beautiful powerful driving machines that you can trust and rely on to perform at their best every day.

This is what I tell my customers, there's four key points of interest that are the most important when owning a Classic Muscle Car.

1.) Do you like what you see when you walk up to your car, the body, the paint, the way the sits, its stance, the overall appearance. It should invite you to open the door!

2.) When you open the door, do you like what you see, when you sit behind the wheel does it feel comfortable, the smell, the overall appearance. It should invite you to want to drive it.

3.) When you start the engine, does your car startup and sound reassuring and trustworthy, having the power and performance beyond your expectations as it should. It should invite you to take it for a cruise.

4.) When you drive it, does your car reassure you you've made the right decision to even drive the car? Total impressionability, beyond your every expectation, with handing, power and reassurance you’re having a wonderful time enjoying life.

Now that's what your Classic Car is suspose to do for you!

Below is a picture of an engine compartment of a very nice 68 Chevelle in a condition after we removed the engine due to engine failure. The body was nice a 7.5 out of a 10 in appearance, but the engine compartment was a mess, as you can see.

RCS Before Restoration

68 Chevelle Engine Compartment Before Restoration

RCS 465Hp after Restoration

After RCS Restoration

The restoration process included a RCS S/B Chevy Gen1 383, 465 Hp dyno tested/tuned on our engine dynometer not a chassis dynometer, a new cooling system, completely updated rewired electrical system and wiring harnesses, updated brake system from drum to power disc, updated aftermarket performance ignition system, 3" performance dual exhaust system to match the engines breathing requirements, engine compartment cleaning and repainted with rust free satin black for improved appearance.

RCS after Restoration

465Hp Gen1 383 Chevy

The vehicle later came back for a performance transmission rebuild and new 12 bolt rear axle assembly and traction control arms. Just a small example of the types of restorations performed at RCS, again from partial restorations to complete allovers.