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RCS Performance Engineering

EFI Conversions & Upgrades

Installing an EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system might or might out be for everyone. There is a larger expense compared to the basic carburetor and manifold engine. This added expense although higher for the initial investment brings profits when it’s time to sell it. Let’s face it, EFI is here to stay and will always outperform the basic carburetor in acceleration, lower engine HP and torque. Sum 70 percent of all the engines built by RCS are EFI today. The trend is here and staying, yes putting EFI on your old classic updates your classic to today's technology and helps in holding your classic's value.

Gen1 EFI Holley Ram Conversions

RCS Gen1 EFI Conversions


This 1970's Ford Cleveland is retro fitted with EFI creating 750 Hp and 660lbs of torque by 6,400

RCS 432 Hot Rod Magazine

RCS EFI UpGrades

Gen3 EFI Tune Port Upgrades producing 460Hp and 520lbs of torque

RCS EFI Superchargers

EFI Superchargers 1000Hp with only 7lbs of boost

RCS EFI Manifold Conversions

EFI Manifold Conversions, with newly located and welded injector bungs.