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RCS Performaance Engineering

Custom Fabricated Performance Exhaust

RCS designs and fabricates some of finest performance exhaust systems for HotRods and Classics, systems designed to perform with the car and engines power levels. Our exhaust systems take into consideration the engines power level and the actual SCFM of air the engine consumes to make its power. In addition drivers comfort, ground clearance, style and overall impressionability adding to the cars value. Systems can be either stainless steel or aluminized steel construction. Systems are normally Tig welded for quality, but Mig welding can be offered in many cases with steel fabricating. We do not use draw down crimp clamps, if a clamp is required we use band clamps and insulator hangers for support and vibration control. Most of our hanger systems are made by RCS for both design and ease of removal of the system for those special days we have. These systems once designed and fabricated to the car will never need replacing unless you decide to add some major power.

The point is engines have to breathe, and they are basically air pumps with a combustion cycle. The harder it is for the air and heat to leave the engines cylinders, the harder it is for it to come in the cylinders regardless of how much air your heads and induction flow, so slower air speeds means slower engine and car acceleration speeds.

Exhaust systems, a power robbing hindrance, but a necessary evil. The Exhaust system as a whole still has to play its part in assisting scavenging so pipe size, style and shape are very important. As for the mufflers they should be as free flowing as possible yet control sound decibels and resident tones when needed. In the picture below this Pro Touring car has 4 mufflers to help control the sound the 1,400Hp 523 cubic inch big block Chevy produces on the street. With still a 4" oval dual system and 4 high flowing SpinTech Mufflers it requires a forced induction system to help in exiting 2,000 cfm through even this system. Restrictive exhaust systems can choke an engine and kill accelerating Hp, so it's critical that the pipe size and system flow rate be engineering correctly.


RCS Custom Oval Exhaust

RCS Pro Street Oval Exhaust Systems

3.5-4"Oval Fabricated Pro Touring Exhaust Systems

RCS 3.5 Stainless Single Exhaust

Stainless Single 3.5" Systems

RCS 3.5 Stainless Single Exhaust

Merge Y Pipes that are removable for the ease of working on the car or racing.

Designing an exhaust to fit can be a lot of fun or frustration!

RCS 69 Camaro Dual Exhaust

Mandrel bent systems are available that are weld together as one unit, 2- 1/2 to 3" systems are common or for those serious people 3 1/2" is available. A dual 3" system is good for up to 500Hp in most cases for a naturally aspirated engine. Blower engines can still support 3" up to 700Hp with 12lbs of boost because of the blower assists in pushing the exhaust out during the overlap cycle of the camshaft.

69 Camaro Dual Exhaust

3.5" X Pipe Exhaust System for 730HP Chrysler 496" B/B

3.5 X Pipe Exhaust

3.5 X pipe exhaust

X Pipe exhaust systems are great for lowering sound decibels and creating some scavenge, increasing an engines lower to med range power levels over two straight pipes. When size is required for breathing an X pipe is a must for sound control and performance.

3.5 X Pipe Exhaust