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RCS Performance Engineering

Automatic to Manual Conversions

F Body Gen 3-4 Camaro's and TransAm's are very popular conversion cars today. With the high demand for 5-6 speed manual transmissions make these cars the way to go when you put 500+HP in front of them. A manual shift car is so much more fun to drive with the right suspension and performance upgrades. Customers that have switched over to manual from automatic will never go back once they've had a chance to drive some windy roads with 500+Hp and a road course suspension setup. The added 5th or 6th gears gives the car the overdrive needed at top end without sacrificing low-end acceleration through the gear box. Smooth short shifts improves the transfer of torque from the engine at the right rpm where peak torque is create.

6 Speed CrossmenberSlave Master Res

A new Slave Cylinder along with the required adaptor is needed, an added reservoir and lines makes the connection with the hydraulic throw-out bearing. We recommend using an adjustable throw-out bearing for setting the correct static position, pedal free play and pedal stroke with an adjustable pedal dead stop, if you allow the pressure plate to be pushed beyond its center point it will damage the pressure plate. Simple quick hydraulic line disconnects are a great option when it's time to remove the transmission for any type of clutch/transmission service work.

The 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions require a different shifter location related to the OEM floor position. It’s critical that these measurements be as accurate as possible to allow for the use of a smaller shifter boot when covering this opening. Using a small shifter boot allows the installation of a console so that the boot doesn't interfere with the consoles dust boot as well.

6 Speed Shifter HoleT56 Crossmember Gen3

The Exhaust is a tricky part of the installation on the Gen3-4 cars. With the lack of ground and tunnel clearance it is important to design the Y pipe to tuck as tightly as possible to the under carriage and transmission. At RCS we design our exhaust systems to be removable allowing servicing when the day comes to work on the driveline.

T56 Exhaust Y Pipe

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