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RCS Performance Engineering

Pro Street

"Pro Street" is big tires, load pipes, and a lot of power to go fast in a hurry. Not so much the car to road race with, but a car that has the power to shake the ground the whole time you’re on the throttle. The popular Pro Street car is the preferred car for cruising the streets looking and ready for action. With monstrous accelerating power like nothing you've ever felt, designed to quarter mile accelerate and to give you what it takes!

If I can elaborate on one thing - if you want attention when driving or cruising the streets with blowing horns, thumbs up, and eye grabbing attention, the Supercharged Pro Street car is a must to have. In all my years of building cars it's been the intimidator.  The average person that is not familiar with seeing engine parts operating outside of the hood, will be WOWED by the sight! I have pulled up to large intersections and from every direction people driving through the intersection were blowing, waving, giving thumbs up and shouting to give recognition.  What a great feeling!  No matter where you go you’re the center of attention and conversation. Well, that's just my personal experience, but I'll bet you would hear similar stories from any owner of a supercharged Pro Street car!

Many HotRods, Pro Street and even Pro Touring cars have a lot of overlapping styling, and that's mainly because in many cases these types of cars are custom built to a particular customer’s style.  That's what makes these cars so appealing......the amazing customization that can't be implemented into the cars we drive every day.

RCS Pro Street 69 Camaro

RCS Pro Street 69 Camaro

RCS Pro Street 69 Camaro